How To Prevent/Get Out Of Bad Credit Auto Loans


How To Prevent/Get Out Of Bad Credit Auto Loans

Thinking about debts would make us feel uncomfortable as if the life would be over. We have to feed our son and daughter (if we had married already). This is a hard life. If you don’t mind, please don’t judge this article as if I’m an expert. I am just an ordinary people who has a little knowledge about finance. It’s based on my real life experience. Many people experience financial hardships at some point in their lives and, as a result, their credit rating may suffer.  This may not be of consequence to someone until they find that they need a newer car.  When this occurs, these individuals sometimes have to use bad credit car loans. Anytime you deal with credit issues there are a multitude of opportunities out there to finance an automobile.  Some are good and are meant to help people get re-established, while others are designed specifically to take advantage of the situation.  The best plan is to stay away from the second group. Before trying to get an automobile loan, the best thing to do is to sit down and visualize if it is even feasible at this time.  It might be a situation where it is better to spend a little time getting things paid down and re-establishing yourself in the credit world.  Putting off a little instant gratification can pay off significantly later on.

Even if you decide that waiting is totally out of the question, or if from a transportation standpoint it is completely not an option, then you need to work out the numbers before you talk to anyone.  There are many sources that will be more than happy to place you in a car.  But, when you read the fine print and analyze all of the figures, it is more than obvious that you are coming out on the losing end of the deal. These people use desperation to put buyers into cars that they cannot possibly afford.  The problem is that buyers only see the now: they never look at down the road.  Dealers are in business to collect payments over a period of time, which includes interest.  Check out the interest rate and the total amount paid at the end of the contract.  Adding up the totals will put things into perspective.

A good dealer will sit down with you and go over everything to decide if you can even afford a car.  This may be a little embarrassing and a little insulting for some, but it is better to have some hurt feelings for a while instead of being locked into a bad finance deal for years. There are bad credit car loans that can help you to re-establish yourself and turn things around.  Car companies know that people will sometimes go through periods of hardship: the trick is for them not to take advantage of you while you are down. Please remember, there is a nice guy and a bad guy. Usually, car companies sell their cars to Dealers, do they pay those cars? NO, they don’t. This is an example: An automotive businessman who has an automotive leasing company buy 50 to 100 cars to the Dealers that cooperate with him (in Cash). Its price is US$12,000/car. He sells them to you US$16,000/car and you have to pay for it in 12 months (installment payment), maybe it’s okay for the first 3 months. But what if you go through periods of hardship? Paying US$1,300/month is a must and the life must go on. The possibility is….you will do everything to pay the bills. We don’t want that thing happened to us, do we? So, please keep calm and make a decision. Please start budgeting as this is a best decision.

Before you start budgeting, you need to know your monthly income first, mainly because almost everything is paid for by the month. Now, let us forget auto loans. Here are budgeting tips that can make the job easier for you. You can make use of a pie chart to keep your budgeting handy. In your chart, the most important necessity, which is food, should occupy the biggest slice of pie. The money allotted for it should only be enough to buy a cheap but nutritious and delicious meal. Here are further budgeting tips that can prevent you from acting like you haven’t eaten for decades, and grab almost everything you find edible from the grocery racks. You need to have in mind two things in choosing what to buy: the price and the nutrition content. Budgeting sure sounds like it’s all about money, but it should never neglect your health. That’s why there are budgeting tips to keep you healthy, at the same time not going bankrupt.

The other necessities, like shelter and clothes, should follow. You do not need to live in a mansion. A place with a roof could be enough but to live more comfortably, you can pay to live in low-cost houses. Living in these houses would not only help you in saving, but it also helps you become more independent. This way, you do not need to pay extra for your household helpers, and at the same time, you learn how to do household chores on your own. Budgeting tips can sure do miracles for those who are overly dependent on their maids. Clothes need not be branded. You do not go out for other people to check the tag on your shirt. You go out to do something productive instead of bragging around about your new Levi’s jeans. But if you really want to look cool and “in”, then, there are many shops that sell inexpensive but “in” clothes. A good place to look will be bargain stalls, which are situated in almost every city block. These budgeting tips can help you be keener to fashion, if you’re the kind of person who is into fashion. This is so because you learn to accessorize to look great and not have to spend a lot on it.

The money allotted for electricity, water and tax should not be disturbed anymore. Tampering with the money allotted for electricity could give you a momentary joy or satisfaction on having purchased something else. But if you do not return to the budget the amount you have taken, then there will be some dark moments in your life as well. Your power will be cut off, until you pay. You have to make us of candles, instead of buying high-powered batteries for lamps, to have light in your house, but you must be careful not to burn your house down. The light isn’t much but it is enough for you to see your surroundings. You get to be satisfied with the dim light it produces. To get to the point, you learn to be satisfied with little things. Another hurray for budgeting tips! It can develop your well-being.

The same thing happens when you do not allot the right payment for water. You will not have water to drink, to cook and to take a bath with. Without water, there is a high risk of dehydration. Therefore, you have to keep watch that you drink only when you have to and not otherwise. This budgeting tip could prevent you from consuming the water you have left and it also dampens your risk of getting dehydrated. Your cooking will also have to be lessened since you cannot cook without water. There will be a big chance that you acquire tapeworms, since you would resort yourself to eating meat the way carnivores do, raw.

Again, this is another budgeting tip that can keep you healthy by preventing you from having long and slimy boarders living in your intestine. You could also acquire other sicknesses without water since dirt will stay longer on your body. You must wash off immediately to avoid getting germ infections, but you also have to make sure that you use the water efficiently. The water you use for taking a bath can still be used for flushing the toilet or for cleaning the floor. These are only few of the budgeting tips that can keep you healthy, at the same time make you resourceful.

You should not evade tax. When you have the right amount, pay immediately. You must not mess with the government to avoid having to undergo disciplinary measures. Because if you do, then you would have to be investigated by the government for certain issues, with a big risk of having to do time in prison. Or if not that, you would have to pay a higher amount as compensation. This budgeting tip can prevent you from rotting in jail and keep your peaceful and friendly relations with the government tax agency. It is not difficult to budget. You have been given these budgeting tips to make budgeting as easy as pie for you. You just have to remember that you cannot always have what you want. But with the aid of these budgeting tips, you can at least have what you need. I hope this article is very useful to all of us. Amen.


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